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Find API documentation, getting started guides, and more for Alchemy's developer platform and API for the Flow chain.

Alchemy Developer Platform for Flow

Alchemy provides access to API endpoints for developers building on the Flow chain. We provide full node access and management, allowing you to easily make requests to Flow, as well as dashboard tools for debugging and monitoring.
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Mainnet vs. Testnet

Flow offers two networks for their chain: Mainnet and Testnet. You should use Mainnet when you're ready to go live in production and testnet when you're building a test project. Both offer the same API methods using gRPC requests. The difference is the URL endpoint:

Mainnet: flow-mainnet.g.alchemy.com:443​

Testnet: flow-testnet.g.alchemy.com:443​

Flow API Documentation

Check out the full list of Flow API methods that are supported by Alchemy below.
For more info, check out the official Flow documentation.

Getting Started

Not sure how to get started? Check out our getting started guide below!


Once the Flow ecosystem is mature, new nodes can be staked and un-staked as the protocol advances from epoch to epoch. In the meantime, however, every couple of weeks, the Flow team turns off the network, updates the identity list to include (and exclude) nodes, and then turn the network back on again. They also add new features and bug fixes with each release.
As an Alchemy user, it is important to be aware of Sporks to anticipate and plan ahead for your dApps. The following are the upcoming Spork dates for 2021. These dates are not set in stone and any announcements regarding delays or changes to these dates can be found in the Flow developer Discord server.